The EVERET company designs, performs, counsels and gives license to run Saline-Iodic Galos Caves.

Saline-Iodic Galos Caves guarantee authentic maritime microclimate. They were created by the EVERET company with application of special technologies that were worked out by Ukrainian scientists.

The technology of creating Saline-Iodic Galos Caves has already been patented in 108 countries with exclusive rights. It is based on the salt, descending from the BLACK SEA, crystallized in natural conditions.

The aim of creating Saline-Iodic Galos Caves was creating a specific maritime microclimate that has a beneficial effect on human health. Obtaining such microclimate required 15 years of scientific researches in the Ukraine and was also supported with 5 years long researches in Poland.

In Poland the EVERET company has been building Saline-Iodic Galos Caves since the year 2000. Form the year 2004 – on the turn of July and August - first Saline-Iodic Galos Caves were created in the United States of America. They were built with the joint effort of Ukrainian and Polish specialists, with exactly obeyed technological standards. Due to deficiency of iodine in the middle-east part of the United States of America , they were located in Chicago – the biggest city of Illinois.

The maritime microclimate in the Galos Cave is created through maritime salt, descending from the Black Sea (from Saxon Lakes), from the Crimea. For about 5-6 years water from Saxon Lakes evaporates under sun’s impact. This is a natural process so it is clean, without preservatives, dyers or any chemical supplements. Salt crystals are shaped into bricks that are used in creation of Saline-Iodic Galos Caves.

Comparing concentration of iodine in caves, it can be affirmed that one 45 minutes session is the same as 3 days spent by the seaside. To gain the full healthy effect, participating in few session, 10 at least, what is equal to one month spent by the seaside.

The essence of session is to implement through respiratory system and skin into human body micromolecules of salt. Session is a kind of inhalation, aiding the treatment of upper respiratory system, asthma, hypofunction of thyroid gland. It improves blood circulation, stabilizes blood pressure, improves metabolism, strengthens immunity system, therefore it is good to come here with children from their earliest years. Stay in Galos Caves is also suitable for pregnant women since it allows to replenish the increasing demand for iodine. Contraindication for such a sessions is: allergy to iodine; however with hypofunction of thyroid gland earlier consultation with specialist is advisable.

Inhalations in Galos Cave are joined with music-therapy what allows deep rest and relaxation.Such a specific microclimate is available only in our caves.

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